Scientific conference

Legal Implications of Trade Liberalization under SAAs and CEFTA


The speakers at the conference will discuss the following sub-topics:

  1. Institutional framework under SAAs and CEFTA
  2. Free movement of goods
  3. Protection of competition
  4. Right of establishment and free movement of services
  5. Free movement of capital and payments between EU and SEE countries
  6. Law & Economics perspective of the trade liberalization in SEE countries


  • To enhance knowledge and awareness among students of issues relating to the free trade agreements concluded by the SEE countries in the process of European integration.
  • To enhance knowledge and awareness among legal practitioners and general public of issues relating to European economic integration from the perspective of SEE countries.
  • To serve as a dissemination event for other activities that will be undertaken within the Module (new master course, workshops).

Target group

  • University professors
  • University students
  • Researchers
  • Postgraduate students
  • Professional groups
  • General public


  • Conference will take place in Belgrade in February 2018.
  • Edited collection of papers will be be published by 31 March 2018.